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...and the playlist is

Just burned 4 CDs for the car...
Am I Wrong?Brand New
Failure By DesignBrand New
Flying At Tree LevelBrand New
Good to Know That If I Ever Need Attention All I Have to Do Is DieBrand New
I Will Play My Game Beneath the Spin LightBrand New
No Seatbelt SongBrand New
Play Crack the SkyBrand New
SecondaryBrand New
Sic Transit Gloria... Gloria FadesBrand New
Soco Amaretto LimeBrand New
The Quiet Things That No One Ever KnowsBrand New
Sunrise, SunsetBright Eyes
Happy Birthday to MeBright Eyes
Act of ContritionBright Eyes
I Won't Ever Be Happy Again Bright Eyes
Don't Know When But A Day Is Gonna ComeBright Eyes
A Song to Pass the Time Bright Eyes
Lover I Don't Have to LoveBright Eyes
I'll Catch YouThe Get Up Kids
Don't Hate MeRufio
Set It OffRufio
Why Wait?Rufio
Face the Truth Rufio
Goodbye Rufio
Like A Prayer Rufio
Over It Rufio
Twenty Three Yellowcard
Way Away Yellowcard
I Believe I Can Fly Me First & the GG
Taking It All Back Count the Stars
Until the Day I Die Story of the Year
Boys of Summer The Ataris
Beautiful Mistake The Ataris
Eight of Nine The Ataris
The Saddest Song The Ataris
In Spite of the World The Ataris
In This Diary The Ataris
My Reply The Ataris
So Long Astoria The Ataris
Summer 79 The Ataris
Takeoffs and Landings The Ataris
Unopened Letter to the World The Ataris
Summer of 69 Rufio
The Breakup Song American Hi-Fi
You're So Last Summer Taking Back Sunday
Cute Without the "E" Taking Back Sunday
One Way Conversation Taking Back Sunday
The Things We'll Never Know Taking Back Sunday
Your Own Disaster Taking Back Sunday
Lost and Found Taking Back Sunday
Perfect Simple Plan
Addicted Simple Plan
I'm Just A Kid Simple Plan
I'd Do Anything Simple Plan
One Day Simple Plan
You Don't Mean Anything Simple Plan
My Christmas List Simple Plan
Worst Day Ever Simple Plan
Bye Bye Bye Further Seems Forever
Just Until Sundown Further Seems Forever
New Year's Project Further Seems Forever
The Closest Thing The Juliana Theory
Understand the Dream Is Over The Juliana Theory
The Most Depressing Song The Get Up Kids
Boys and Girls GC
Everytime It Rains Charlotte Martin
Beautiful Life Charlotte Martin
Chasing A Shadow Charlotte Martin
Many Rivers Charlotte Martin
Wild Horses Charlotte Martin
Your Armor Charlotte Martin
Just Like Heaven Charlotte Martin
In Parentheses Charlotte Martin
On Your Shore Charlotte Martin
Pretty Thing Charlotte Martin
Something Like A Hero Charlotte Martin
Talk to Strangers Charlotte Martin
Lightblinde Charlotte Martin
The Girl I Left Behind Charlotte Martin
Last Day On Earth Charlotte Martin
Monster Charlotte Martin
One Girl Army Charlotte Martin
Silver Honey Charlotte Martin
Steel Charlotte Martin

Now back to watching "Scare Tactics." That show's fucked up!

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