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Call me Anastasia Beaverhausen

Friday night, reposed (Paul) and I went to see Charlotte at the Troubadour. She played "Melissa", which I feel fully honored to have heard. It was really amazing of her to share that song with everyone. The pic to the right was taken with my shitty cell phone camera. I think my tax refund is going towards a decent digital cam, assuming I can find one I like this time.

At the concert, there was this hawt boi there. He was far too tall for me, but there was something about the way that he was carrying himself that made me, well, incapable of not staring at his crotch. (Was that TMI?) Seriously, I think the boi was packing. Paul and I were trying to figure out if he was a cake-loving friend of Dorothy. Paul seemed convinced he was, but he wasn't setting off my gaydar—only my "haaaaaaaaaaaay dar".

Anywho, I was ready to give in and say he was gay only because I didn't see him look up either Jaimie or Charlotte. And any boi who doesn't take notice there is not str8. Shit, I can hardly keep my eyes off either of them, and I'm gayer than Prince Andrew. But then, as I was alternating between trying to keep my eyes above waist level on the tall adonis and checking out the cute emoish-looking boy seated to the right of Paul, hawtie began to show his true colors. He eyes were all up on Jaimie. We had our answer, and I could finally move on with my life.

Saturday night brought us to the GLAAD Awards. I donned my tux, and Sumner, Jonny, and I were ready for our night out. The reception setup was much better this time—more bars, and more area to cover. The production of the show in the beginning was a tit disappointing (oops.. can I still say tit in this country?) Quite a few long waits for someone to get on stage, and people seemingly not knowing wtf was going on. The highlights of the evening were Alanis Morisette's performance and Sharon Osbourne, who made the comment, "I love my children very much. My only regret is that none of them is gay." Alanis played a couple songs, including "Ironic", where she changed one of the lines to, "It's like meeting the man of my dreams and then meeting his beautiful husband." She was looking quite fierce and who knew she was such a supporter? Those Canadians. They can just be so... so... rational.

When we signed up for the GLAAD Awards, I had to pick a name for our "table." I thought the name was just for identification purposes online, so I named our's "Anastasia Beaverhausen." I was tickled when the lady from GLAAD would leave me voicemails calling with updates for me to pass on to our host "Anastasia." I was a little surprised when I noticed the program:


Well, Miss Beaverhausen was pleased.

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