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Beyond the Stars

I always had an interest in astronomy as a kid. I'd say a good 70% of the books I checked out from the library were always on space exploration, the universe, etc. I'm probably exagerating a little of on the percentages coz I do that. I also had a fascination with ESP, psychology, and a bunch of other nerdy science things like that. Actually, it's kind of surprising how much time I spent reading in between video games and playing with friend.

Anywho, watching "Beyond the Stars" and the mystery and challenge that we face in space exploration (and just how much we really don't know) just piques my interest more. I want to work for NASA, but they probably don't get paid well. Plus, you know there's all those science degrees and whatnot you probably need. I'm not so keen on starting at the bottom nor do I like government bureaucracy. So I've decided I should just go for management and be a starship captain.

So who wants to be my number 1? Understand, there will be mandatory sexual favors and go go boys in cages on the bridge at all times. Nachos and keg stands in engineering on Fridays. And Thursday nights of course are 2-for-1 drinks in Ten Forward. Chill out room in my ready room.

I'd make a good captain.


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