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No Hatred. Just loving biblical truth.

"No Hatred. Just loving biblical truth," read posters held by some of the opponents of gay marriage.

Organized religion should be abolished. If you can't think for yourself, you don't deserve the right to vote. Here's a clue: The Bible is a literary piece, like a collection of short stories with a message. I'm sure when it was put together, no one expected a bunch of idiots in the future to actually read it as if it were to be taken literally. How can someone be so bloody stupid as to think it's to be taken literally? And FUCK YOU, for thinking that I should be forced to be oppressed by your utter lack of common sense! If you prefer religious zealtry, why don't you move your sorry ass to a theocratic government. Might I suggest Iran or Saudi Arabia? But get the hell out of the United States, because, honey, this isn't a theocracy. We are quite the opposite.

But seriously, some of you self-riteous, born again, religious activists have your heads burried so firmly up your asses that you do not even realize that by trying to codify your religious beliefs into government and not respecting the separation of church and state, you risk destroying the whole tenet of freedom of religion. You tear down the very thing you proclaim to want to protect. But you're so short sighted and blinded by fear and hate that you can't see the forest through the trees.

That would involve thinking, and the Pope has decreed thinking to be blasphemy.

I become more and more against religion with every passing day. It brain washes people, discourages free thought, oppresses anyone who doesn't fit its narrow view of what's "normal", and it's destroying this country. I'm sick of it.

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