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TiVo is Love

Much like Miranda, it's no secret that I have a relationship with my TiVo. But what's disturbing is that over the past couple of months, I started to wonder if there was something better. Then when I saw reposed's TiVo and that it had version 4.0 of the TiVo software, I got envious. I wanted one like Paul's.

I admit, I looked at the Series 2 TiVo when I was in the stores, painfully aware that my upgraded TiVo Series 1 was faithfully sitting, waiting for me at home. But the Series 2 are so sleek, so much slimmer. They have cute little LEDs in the front, more memory, a faster processor, and are easily networkable without hacking.

Then, TiVo dropped the price and reinstituted the rebate. There's just so much a person can take!

So this weekend, I broke down and brought a second TiVo into the house. My old TiVo still has lots of programming on it, so I find myself switching back and forth and even using both at the same time.

I'm having a threesome with my TiVos.

::sigh:: I can't even have a monogomous TiVolationship.

TiVo is love

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