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So anyway, how about that $LOCAL_SPORTS_TEAM

Yikes... I just got out of the car wash $66 poorer
  • $36 for gas ($2.40/gal)
  • $16 for wash
  • $3 tip
  • $11 lunch + drink

    I hate paying $40 for a tank of gas (which is what it's going to be in about a week or two). The only good thing about it is, I get off watching the people who drive 8 mpg Ford Excursions bitch and whine about gas prices on the news.

    I think the population of this city's reached a low point when the brown layer of smog that covers our city isn't enough for people to actually THINK and act just a bit more responsibly when they purchase vehicles. Sadly, everyone has amnesia when it comes to those sorts of things. I'd love to see car registration fees based upon the weight of the vehicle instead of the value. There should also be much harsher penalties for gas guzzling vehicles. Seriously, cars rated under 15 mpg should have a gas guzzling tax assessed annually, and it should be prohibitively expensive, and the mpg should be raised every few years. And you wanna know what else? I think this whole Iraq mess should be paid for with higher federal gasoline taxes. Not that I want to pay it, but somehow people are either unable or unwilling to see cause and effect. I'd be okay if we actually learned something from our mistakes, but we don't. We just keep going on repeating them. If gasoline hit $3 / gal, you bet your sweet ass I'd be looking at hybrids. So would a lot of the population, and car manufacturers would have the incentive to start making more than one model.

    oh, if only I were king....


    ::clap clap::


    yea, i'm bored...

    [edit: and everyone who drives hybrids gets free ice cream... with sprinkles too.]

    [edit2: oh, wait, one more, and the RIAA is hereby banished to.. uhm... alabama, and they have to return all the congressmen they purchased, and no refunds.]

    [edit3: oh, yea, and if you have one of those damned jesus fish on your car, you .. uhm.. get NO ice cream. EVER]

    It has been decreed. ::clap clap:: BRING ME THE VIRGINS!

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