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Sometimes the politicians make it easier

"he's born to shimmer
he's born to shine
he's born to radiate.
he's born to live
he's born to love
but we will teach him how to hate."

Linda Tardif, 27, principal of Independent Baptist Academy of the Anchor Baptist Church in Woburn, held a microphone in her hand to lead anti-gay marriage chants. She said she brought the entire primary-secondary school of 20 children to demonstrate.

"God destroyed a whole city over this issue," she said, referring to the biblical story of Sodom and Gomorrah. "We're trying to save our city, our state."
Source: Mass. awaits historic gay marriage Vote

The only given it seems in elections is that you'll be picking the lesser of the evils running. Truthfully, I've not really had a strong preference or opinion on the candidates. The Republican nomination is all but decided, and I'm not a registered Democrat, so I can't participate in their selection process. My vote in the primary will just be a protest vote against VV, which makes my vote pretty much worth the same value of the chad I'll be punching onto the floor.

So why bother getting all worked up over it until the Democrats make their choice? Especially when the candidates and circumstance can make the decision much easier.

Fast forward to today.

Washington Post, 2/11/2004, Washington, D.C. — "Bush Plans to Back Marriage Amendment"

I don't think this comes as a surprise, and I do understand political realities. It is probably political suicide to come out staunchly in favor or gay marriage, even if you believe in it. But coming out in favor of a spiteful amendment to our treasured Constitution — the guardian of all our rights — just to satisfy the hateful, when you've already got the relgious zealot vote locked up?

Thank you, George W. Bush, you've made my decision in the November election that much easier.

I'd pretty much given up on being able to vote for a candidate I could whole-heartedly support. Then I visited I was surprised to see Kerry as their top pick for me. While I certainly question their scoring system, it did make me realize that Kerry's not too far off the mark with my beliefs. While I don't agree with him on everything, I think I really might be able to get behind this guy. And, I like that Kerry has military experience. After all, one of the President's greatest responsibilities is as Commander-in-Chief.

FURTHERMORE, Ms. Tardiff and President Bush are making me think that merely voting for Kerry isn't enough.

I feel motivated to get actively involved in Kerry's campaign. I'm sick of being treated like a second-class citizen by the backwards, hate-mongering, religious minority in this country. I'm sick of reading about teens commiting suicide or being made to feel less than ok because some teacher, law enforcement official, priest, etc threatened to out them or made them feel like some sort of sub-human for being gay. To them I say: most of us are or will be far more successful than your tiny little, hateful minds can possibly handle. And who... WHO do you think you are trying to hold us back when most of us are far better than you can ever hope to be?

It's time to get pissed off a little. We're being held back and oppressed by the weak-minded weasels of this country who can't even think for themselves. Our biggest weakness is that we forget too quickly and become complacent. It was only 1998 when we lost Matthew Shepard to some mindless bigots in Wyoming — when I was finally shown the gravity of what is at stake, when I was motivated to never again hide who I am. It's time to show politicians in this country that going against our civil rights will be the death knell of their political futures.

We have far more power than we're utilizing, and it's time to do something about it and show the small minded who's boss. "They" constantly accuse us of having some "gay agenda" that doesn't exist. Well, I think it's time to write that agenda.

Who would ever think that there could actually be *gasps* a Democrat's name bumper stickered on my car?

That cracking noise you hear might be the sound of Hell freezing over.


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