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If you get an IM from someone (likely from your buddy list) that says something like:

check this out... http://www.gutv.ZZZ/osama_capture.php?gVYq

DO NOT CLICK ON IT (I changed .com to .ZZZ, btw). It's just started spreading, and virus scanners don't seem to have virus definitions updated yet to handle it.

As a general rule, if you get links like this, you should only run them in IE if you first add the site to your restricted zone. Or, copy and pasting the link into a Mozilla-based browser like Netscape, Mozilla, or FireFox is often safer.

but this link... don't run anywhere!

[edit: Network Associates has reported on this here. Evidentally the site will not install anything unless you click YES to the security warning that comes up. (Of course, a lot of people just click YES when those windows pop up). If you did install the software, it will then begin IMing people on your buddy list to send them ads. NAI includes removal instructions]

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