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Update: So far so good

I went to bed last night not knowing if my grandmother would wake up. As I drifted off to sleep, I considered the fact that the worst may already have happened and that my mom might have decided not to wake me.

My mom called twice this morning. The first call to tell me that my grandmother had woken up (the doctors weren't sure she would). In fact, she seemed annoyed with the tube in her throat because she couldn't speak. She said the doctor came out with a small smile on his face, and utterly surprised at how she's been beating all the odds. It was then my mom let me know a bit more they'd been holding back, and she broke down. Her condition was so bad, they didn't think she'd make the trip transferring hospitals. She told me it was tough finding surgeons who had any experience repairing tears in the aorta as it's rarely performed procedure because most people with this condition don't make it through the first 24 hours, much less 3 days. This tear had been getting larger with every beat of her heart since Friday night, when the heart attack started. The doctor told them the rip was basically almost all the way around by the time they got her into surgery.

My mom said that my dad and she were on their way home to rest as they'd been up the whole night. I don't think she's gotten much rest, however, as she called me a couple hours later to tell me that they removed the tube, found that there was very little bleeding (another hurdle), and that my grandmother was speaking, which was a good sign there might not be brain damage.

She far from out of the woods, but so far she's beating all the odds. My grandmother's always been a tough lady. I just hope I have the opportunity to see her again.

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