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Geeking the weekend away

So I spent much of the weekend geeking with my roommate. After I built the tables, we were pretty much set up to start building our new server and getting a new router. We picked up this thing from Fry's:

It's a full on 50-user Linksys/Cisco VPN router and firewall, so we can VPN out into our respective work networks. And we should be able to do away with our public IPs and sit behind the safety of our UPNP router/firewalls. And most of all, the cool blinky lights. Anyway, it served as a nice distraction. Unfortunately we couldn't get the old server settings migrated to the new one. The old server was way too fucked up, so we had to just recreate everything and start over. The problems and issues pretty much ensured it took up most of the weekend. We blew off the big party Saturday and spent most of Sunday working on it.

But like I said... nice distraction.

I'm really worried about my grandma. I mean things sound cool when I talk to my mom, but I think she's serving as a filter. I mean they're not letting her out of ICU. This clot could travel, or so many damn things could happen, and I'm not there. I think I'm just going along as if everything's going to be fine — totally not dealing with reality or what might happen. And thanks to everyone who's commented and sent your best wishes. It means a lot.

Reality sucks.

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