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So I just spent the last few hours drilling and building these desks, moving the old desks, and pretty much cleaning things up out there so my roommates and I have workspace out there. Anywho... it's mostly done. And now there's room to build a Linux box out there. w00t!

So I guess I'll just briefly talk a little bit about what everyone's talking about: BOOBIES!
On super bowl Sunday, millions of American children lost their innocence and we’re still reeling. They — all of us really — tuned into CBS to celebrate what the Gallup organization affirmed is our country’s favorite sport. What we expected — and what we got — were, for the most part, the usual simple pleasures of the day: cheerleaders shaking their tails, erectile dysfunction ads, Nelly grabbing his crotch, a horse farting in a womans face in an attempt to sell beer.

And then Janet Jackson had to go and vulgarize everything.
-Entertainment Weekly

Seriously, I believe a little patriotism is healthy. After all, if you don't have pride in where you live, you're likely to care less (and that's not a good thing). But despite this, there are some times where I find myself embarrassed to be an American. Mind you, not that we have a lock on backwards ass, loud-mouthed, Puritanical dipshits, but sometimes we seem to have too many of them.

::ahem:: People, it's a boobie.

It is not going to bring about the end of western civilization.

It is not the end of the world as you know it.

Now I know the media is out to milk this for all it's worth, but this is utterly ridiculously. Seriously, unless you're a 12-year old boy, it's really not healthy to be this obsessed over it.

I can't believe what a big deal people are making out of this! I've never seen a government agency react so quickly to anything before. If only they applied this level of zeal to curing cancer or AIDS, or hell, filling the potholes in the damned streets, we'd all be set. But a boobie?

"But there were kids watching!!"

A friend of mine said that his brother-in-law said that if you didn't see a problem with this, then you didn't have kids.

Why? Does having kids make you stupid?

This is the same type of teet your little one suckled on after it was born. What makes it evil now? It seems to me that the only unhealthy thing about this whole situation is the gross overreaction to what was ultimately a non-event! Don't you think you might be sending your kid the wrong message by acting like a complete jackass because you saw a teeny bit of skin that you wouldn't even have noticed if you didn't rewind it 180 times on your TiVo?

I dunno. I just don't get it. Right now, I wish I had boobs so I could run around exposing them to everyone, just to piss people off.

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