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Certifiably annoying

So I come home to find a green "You've got mail" card from the post office telling me I have certified mail (return receipt requested), with a check mark saying that either me or my "agent" has to be present to sign for the item (I can't just sign the card). 'm not expecting anything, and I have no idea who this assclown Paul McDonnell is. I'm tempted to just let them sit at the post office and let them return them. Who sends a certified letter?

I Googled him, but only come up with the treasurer or Riverside or something. Of course it could be anything: it could be from the settlement with Microsoft. But it also could be the beginning of a nightmare of identity theft from my ID getting stolen. Or maybe the RIAA is suing me. Whatever it is, Mr. McDonnell has evidentally sent two letters to me that I'm supposed to go get. Considering the loss of my wallet a month ago, I'm more than a little concerned.

[edit: removed some text that I think I worded poorly and gave the wrong impression]

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