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Your mom is getting high

"Just tell your teammates you didn't show up because you were getting high"
"Just tell your mom your sister was run over by a truck because you were getting high"
"Just tell NASA the Mars rover stopped communicating with Earth because you were getting high"

I swear to GOD if I see one more of those gay ass freevibe anti-marijuana ads on TV tonight, I'm going to pack the phatest bowl of kine bud I can find and smoke it all up. They're so fuggin ridiculous, it isn't funny. Don't they realize their complete disregard for anything remotely resemling truth and reality harms their cause? Have they learned nothing from Nancy Reagan? Anyone with half a brain can smell their pathetic attempt at a psychological game a mile away. They're so out of touch.

Morons, I tell you. Ugh.. I'm so annoyed.

And does anyone have "Sweet Unknown" by The Hope Blister? I can't find it anywhere.. grr..

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