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Power shopping

Last night, we hit Opaline in the East Village (85 Ave A, between 6-5... for reference on my next trip) I've been there b4. I just don't remember when. LOL

Anywho... it was way fun. The bois were HOT. Met a real cutie named Justin there and ran into my friend Chris, whom I've not seen for some time as well, as Eric from San Francisco.

Today, we power shopped, and it was wicked cold. I don't think it was actually as cold as it was when I was here before, but the wind was much stronger pushing the cold right through to your bones down some streets (as you can tell from my impromptu, bundled up pic) when we stopped to warm up and get some pizza. We hit Century 21 near the WTC for some deals and then I watched ucpsychguy in action along Canal Street shopping . It was a site to see. He wheeled, dealed, haggled. "Wow" is all I can say. Hooked up some deals on fake Prada and such.

Tonight, we're off to the main event for Wendy at the Capitale. From the looks of it, we're in for a fantabulous evening. My tux arrived. I'll have to get rare shots of that! Here's a shot from their site:

Then later tonight: meet up with Kyle, and then later... Roxy!

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