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Now Serving...

Now Serving!
So today, I started my day (first thing) at the DMV. The website bragged of this amazing new DMVQ system, of which they were very proud. It was to make my wait so much better. Now "What is DMVQ, you ask?" Well, it's pretty much the same system delis have been using since dinosaurs roamed the Earth. Except instead of taking the number yourself, a rather curt and grumpy man hands you your number. It was better to sit rather than stand in a never-ending line. Here you see my lovely view from the high school-like desk (doncha feel as if you were there with me?) Personally, I would have preferred they just simply staffed the other half of the windows that were closed, but whatev.

After spending slightly over two hours waiting for my number to be called, it took about 2 minutes to identify myself to the DMV lady, and get my temporary paper license. I got the usual "you should receive your permanent license within 60 days." Of course it was the same picture and same info; they didn't even verify my thumb print as they said they had to do. We could have done this over the phone, but the DMV in its amazing efficiency didn't permit such things.

Seriously, the next person who suggests we need socialized health care, I'm going smack you in the head with my shoe and take your wallet. A trip to the DMV will cure you of such crazy notions.

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