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Why me?

This isn't the way it was supposed to go. I've always had a good time when I went out to the bars in New Orleans. Last night started as no exception. A couple drinks later, I met a cute boi. We chatted a little bit, and made out a bit. Then, in my rather compulsive habit of checking my pockets, I noticed my wallet was gone. All that was left was the chain that was attached to it. Someone actually cut or broke the wallet chain and pilfered my wallet.

I'm not sure when it happened. Actually, I'm pretty sure I do. I think it happened while we were in line for the bathroom and probably shortly before I noticed. It was packed. It doesn't matter. Everything I needed was in there. I didn't have a whole lot of cash in there as I'd taken much out before I left, but it was still probably like $70. I had all the credit cards I'd brought with me, my debit card, my license (and only official picture ID), my AAA card.

I broke down.

The security guard brought a flashlight; we looked as I frantically searched the ground. It was gone. It was taken. I've never been robbed before. I felt completely violated. How was I supposed to get back to my parents'? How was I supposed to fly back without ID?

I was hopelessly vulnerable. I knew I'd have to call my parents to come pick me up (from a gay bar). I went outside to call them, crying into the phone (which is always attractive). Then, on the cold sidewalk I called my bank and 2 credit card companies, drunkenly bawling into the phone as I explained my wallet was stolen. They were polite for sure, considering the hysterical mess they were dealing with. My parents picked me up. My dad: "Son, you know that's a gay bar?" I don't even remember my response. It's not come up.

I still feel awful. I feel completely violated. I feel like crying. I feel as if my life has been taken from me. I just want to curl up in a ball and have someone hold me and make me feel like everything's going to be okay, watch something silly on tv.

I just want things back to normal, and it's going to take time. The empty pocket was a constant reminder of what had happened. My dad bought me a new wallet today — thicker chain this time. Amex will have a new card here on Monday. My bank is mailing a new card as is my credit union. I can't call the DMV til Monday. I called the New Orleans police for the 10th time to get a case id. I called all three credit bureaus to put a fraud watch on my credit report. My old SDSU ID which I thought I'd have forever is hopelessly lost. I'll have to call AAA for a new card. I lost a chance with the cute guy whom I'd totally lost track of in the scene. My holiday feels ruined. I won't even have an ID for New Years festivities, not that I have any plans anyway.

My Christmas wish, other than getting my wallet back, is that the son of a bitch who did this gets murdered. I want him to rob the wrong person, get caught, and then get shot in the lung so that he can gasp and gasp for his last breath and die painfully. He doesn't deserve to live.

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