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Calm before the storm

So I sit here at work. I'm caught up (I think). I think I've done most of the things I've needed to do before going. Most of my bags are packed (or at least stuffed to be reorganized when I get home).

CDs - burned
Pr0n and mp3s - copied to the laptop
MP3 player - loaded
Software necessary for survival - loaded
DVDs - packed
Airplane charger (should I be fortunate enough to have such an equipped plan)- purchased
Hair - cut
Skin - tanned
Batteries - fully charged

I think I'm mostly ready... logistically. Emotionally, well, the alcohol prior to boarding will assist there. That and the xanax I'll pop once I'm seated on the plane.

But as I sit here listening to, "Sailing" by Christopher Cross I'm told is coming on. As I reach for my mouse to click NEXT, an eerie calm comes over me. Somehow, this song is soothing. What the?! It's about sailing fo shizzle, hardly a calm thing to do. I mean you could DIE a horrible suffocating death in the seas where your shark-mangled corpse wouldn't be found until it landed aground in Cuba. Yet to hear Chris go at it, it sounds like nirvana.

Nirvana would be a massage right now. I really need one. Too bad the airport doesn't give those. They should. People wouldn't hate it so much.

But I kinda hate the cold, and shows a low of 37-degrees in New Orleans right now. I'd kind of like to take my new Pac Sun coat, but I don't think I can pack it in there it's so tight.

I need sex.

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