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If I were to die now, I'd die uncomfortable

Getting ready for the company holiday party: I just ironed my shirt (which I'm convinced just serves to set the wrinkles in even deeper), and I'm actually wearing a tie.

Forecast for Hell:
Heavy Snow/Wind 
Hi: 32
Lo: -273

Anyone who knows me knows I don't wear ties. They're silly. I do lots of dumb things for fashion, but strangling myself to allow this ridiculous piece of cloth literally dangle out in front of me, serving no purpose whatsoever except to restrict my breathing and fall into my food, is just the epitome of human foolishness. I thought everyone had figured that out during the dotcom boom. All the internet companies understood making everyone uncomfortable doesn't do much for productivity (now if they'd only understood the ever important formula: Revenues - Expenses > 0 )

::sigh:: here I go...

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