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Davidology: Behind the Laughter

So it's actually been a year since I started blogging in this thing I wasn't sure I wanted to start, and many times considered ending. But it's been cathartic at times, blasphemous, and often deep.

Favorite Entries
There were my favorite entries, such as this one and the fight with my comforter.

Then of course there were also my holiday trip over the holidays last year — Day 1 and Day 2. Of course, I think at this time last year, there might have been me and one other person reading this thing.

Good times... Good times
A few of you were there for what was my gayest moment ever.

But then there was this guy. And of course I couldn't forget the introduction of the mad sob and the first LJer I met (who I didn't know otherwise).

And my last memories to remember:
Possibly the most hyper moment
My boyfriend
and who could forget the funniest joke ever?

Sometime ago, I upgraded my LJ to S2 style, but chose a style that came pretty close to the S1 styles. Well, since you can now customize the font size, I decided to upgrade to the nicer format you see now. I've decided I would now add links, as well as a search function. w00t.

But anywho... it's time 4 bed.

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