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Is this the 7th sign?

Today was a little spooky. First of all, out of no where, the sky darkened and: rain... again! Blech. I decided I had the craving for a Chipotle burrito for lunch. On my way there, "Crackle! Kaboom!". Thunder!!


::squeal:: I instinctively slammed shut the sunroof-cover-thingy (yes, as a matter-of-fact, that is the technical term the engineers use).

Then a couple hours later, darkness had fallen. I'm sitting with my boss in a coworker's office when a huge bolt of fire shoots across the sky in front of me, flashing light into the office startling both of them as well. We sat stunned for a quick second as we were trying to make sense of what just occurred. Lightning?!

Seriously. Is this Armageddon?

If there is a god, clearly, she's pissed at us. First, she lights half my state on fire, rains out Halloween, and now she sends thunder and lightning. What next? Frogs?

Maybe she doesn't like Ahnold being elected governor?

Or perhaps she's pissed off at paying more for car registration this year. I know I'm not exactly stoked here. $580? jebus! Ahnold, where ahr yooo? My shit's due at the end of this month!

Although perhaps I should calm down. I guess this is technically only the 4th sign.
  1. Arnold

  2. Fires

  3. Hurricanes on Halloween

  4. Thunder & lighting

3 more to go. I need more duct tape. I think this guy may have the right idea. —>

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