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So I've been having these recurring dreams that are a bit odd. They all seem to have the same theme (that's the recurring part... right?)

Anyway, I'm always about to get on a plane. In all the dreams, I seem to be running a little late, and I always seem to forget my luggage in the car. This time, I have a choice to either go back for my bag and go standby on a later flight or just go.

I'm not too stressed about the bag, and I decide to go, leaving my car and luggage behind. My friend Ryan is on the flight with me, and we just make it on. We're the only ones on this huge plane though. After a bit of exploring the plane, we arrive. We arrive at this phat buffet. Like seriously, they have everything we could ever want. It was around then I woke up (hungry of course).

I wouldn't even think twice about some odd dream other than the constant theme about travelling (particularly by train).

Maybe it's just a sign I need to go on a trip. =oD

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