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Oh, Halloween

My roommate and I went into the weekend with high hopes. We both took Monday off to recover after a wild weekend of raping and pilaging. There were several parties each night. We had options... the plans, the plans.

Oh, but, you see, God is a vengeful god.... but not without a sense of humor! As he was done scorching much of my state, he decided that (since all of the real damage was done) why not follow that up with a downpour that rivaled El Niño storms. Oh, and let's just do it just for the duration of Halloween, then clear things up.

This pretty much set the tone for the rest of the weekend.

After getting drenched in WeHo, we went home to change into dry clothes and head over to the after hours at a friend's house in BH. My roommate was driving and just as we crossed into Beverly hills on Sunset, this stupid bitch coming the other way decided to make a left turn right in front of us — right into the embankment.

No, there was no street there.

No, she didn't seem to skid.

No, she didn't seem to lose control of her car.

It was as if God was up there showing off to a couple friends, saying, "Okay, okay, watch this." And, as Prue on "Charmed" might have done, with a quick motion of his hand, had the woman make a sudden left turn to no where.

She hit and started to go up the embankment, then her car rolled down a bit, just enough for us to clip her bumper. Fortunately, no one was hurt. She didn't get out of the car. When LAPD arrived on the scene just 30 seconds later, she had no explanation other than "Must have been the rain."

We were all a bit dumbfounded. Seriously, it looked so surreal, as if she intended to turn into that hill. (I've never seen anything like it.)

Jake and his friend Greg came and picked Seth and me up, since we weren't sure how many people the tow truck could carry. My roommate and another of our friends made it home several hours later. We were still going to go to the party, but since it was 4:30, we chose not to.

Not much else happened, other than we all hung out for the rest of the weekend. My weekend of debauchery and decadence was reduced to this. ::sigh::

Monday evening, I hung out with Harry and watched a marathon of "Forensic Files" while my roommate was at his extension class. The most productive thing I did all weekend was to make the LJ avatar used on this entry from captures of the MTV-Fight for Your Rights commercial with the skaters.

yes, this might actually just be the most boringestest journal entry ever. I swear, it was supposed to be filled with stories of all the embarrassing things I was told I did but just couldn't remember.

Damnit! I want a do-over!

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