Oct. 30th, 2003
It's Anna  
<david style="drunk">
ok so tonight I went with my roomie to their DVD launch party for the Anna Nicole Smith Party. I wish I had something interesting to say. It was fun, but fairly uneventful. I did manage to take a couple of pics from my horrid cell phone camera phone (go you suck Sony!)


Left: Picture of her getting out of her limo. Right: Picture of the back of her head.

These pics were taken by a very drunk David. Actually, had I been sober, I'm sure I wouldn't have even have tried. I'm concerned though. A couple of pieces of sushi I ate were really warm. I'm not sure why the thought of eating warm, raw fish that concerns me, but ::sigh:: it does.

Anywho... it's 15 minutes to Halloween! =oþ Here's to the weekend ::burp::

oops.. </david>
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