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C l o u d   C h a s i n g

Today was the first day in a while our sky was blue — and safely breatheable on the westside. I'm not a fan of running the A/C in the car; I like fresh air and having everything opened up. It was nice to resume that. I stopped near the 10 on Centinela on my way back to work when I looked up to see this odd little cloud to my right.

I say odd, because it seemed so little and so low, just floating there white against the deep blue sky, moving towards me but slightly in front. There weren't many clouds in the sky at the time, and most were larger and at a much greater altitude. This one looked as if I stood on the roof of the building to my right I could have almost touched it. I reached for my cell phone to snap its picture but traffic began moving.

As I was inching my way toward the red light, it seemed to follow. I looked up through the open sunroof and there it was. I swear it wanted to play. If I didn't have to get back to work I would have followed it. I remember chasing clouds as a kid on my bike. They always seemed so far away and unreachable though — not this time.

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