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Masturbating while Rome is burning

This is the south coast air quality management district with an air quality update as of 2 o'clock PM, October 26, 2003, for Northwest Coastal Los Angeles County.

Currently this area has an Ozone health advisory episode with a maximum AQI reading of 151 for the polutant Ozone. During a health advisory episode, the air quality is unhealthful. Everyone, including healthy adults and children, should avoid prolonged, vigorous, outdoor exercise. Susceptible persons, especially those with heart or lung disease, should avoid outdoor activities. [edit: updated graph]

When I went to bed last night, the skies were white with fog. I woke up this morning, leisuring jerked off, pulled back the blackout curtains and opened the blinds to surprisingly find the fog replaced by dark gray smoke and soot.

This was pretty much the sight from my bedroom window. But on a clear day, I can usually see all the way to the Santa Monica Mountains and the Hollywood sign. This was just gross though, and my crappy digital camera doesn't do it justice. Driving around the city, it's like following some gross, polluting car, except you can't escape it — smoke everywhere.

I guess everyone got the message, 'cuz the Beverly Center (one of our indoor malls) was packed. Well, thankfully none of the local TV stations have preempted any of the sports today to show us important information on the fire situation (Heaven forbid, we interrupt baseball, golf, and football for something so trivial). blah

I'm going to Good Guys to look at toys.

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