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Tonight went to two Halloween parties. They were costume parties. Not being a fan of costuming, I thought I could just wear jeans and a t-shirt and go as "Guy #4". But somehow, I didn't think that would appease the hosts. After some thought, I had an idea: my roommate Sumner and I dressed up as striking grocery store workers. We got aprons at Ross, wore white button down shirts with khakies. We drove by a Vons and Ralphs hoping to steal some picket signs, but alas, not many striking workers on a Saturday night! So we made some fake strike signs from memory and press photos. Sumner had a name badge with his name on it already, but I had to make one up. Our costumes, although so simple, were surprisingly huge hits. I guess it's difficult to enter a party carrying signs and not make an entrance. Several ppl took our pics, but I didn't get them. So use your imagination.

First we started at the party of some guy named Brad, whom we didn't really know. There were a couple hotties there, but we really didn't know anyone but a few of our usual friends. Jay, Dean, and Tony were then off to John Robinson's party, so we bounced with them and headed to the top of the Mulholland. There were many more ppl there we knew. Had a good view of the Santa Clarita fires from the party. Kind of surreal to be partying it up while others' homes and livelihoods were being used as kindling. The house was set up much better this year with lots of hidden paths and what not. Very nice. John was dressed as Tammy (god, I love that costume).

Right now I really just want to gorge on Tomy's fried onion rings and zucchini strips and then cuddle up with someone and sleep until waking up when we wake up. Damn alcohol and it lowering my defenses.

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