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Well, so this entry was supposed to be about how happy i've been this week, and how well things seemed to be going. But wah.

Tonight, I was invited to UpfrontAOL LA. I wasn't really sure what they were going to announce. They didn't announce anything. It turned out to be a let us feed you sort of evening. But it was at the Getty, so I was heading there.. circa 7 pm.

Taking my shortcut, I was making fantabulous time. Unfortunately I decided to take Wilshire to cut over to Sepulveda rather than head up to Sunset or Montana. Blah. and boom.

While looking over I managed to bump the car in front of me. Sux0rs. Of course, she didn't seem to have her brake on, so she went careening into the car in front of her... which his the car in front of her... which hit the car in front of her. =( wtf.

I didn't really say a word to them. I just stuck to myself and took pictures. The lady in front insisted on calling 5.0. I told her LAPD wasn't going to come out unless someone was dying. She insisted anyway. Of course the police told her to exchange information and get the fuck off the road. (d'uh). It's rush hour. wtf was she thinking they were going to do? Send out the vice squad?

I gave them name, rank, and serial number and took bad pictures with my cell phone camera. There was like NO visible damage to any of the cars. In fact, the only damage was to my front license plate. No air bags deployed. The accident was minor, but of course the two college students in the car in front of her and her were complaining about how they hit their heads. I'm only glad I got pictures of them standing on their own with no trouble. God how I wish no fault insurance had won a couple years back. Dumb gold diggers. Karma's a bitch is all I have to say.

Then when I got to the Getty, the Santa Anas had begun to blow over the complex. I was desperately trying to find a piece of signal to send a text message to one of my roommates or call someone, but I wasn't having any success finding any GSM network to connect to. I walked all the way over to the 405 side of the reception area; the warm westward-blowing wind coming fast through the opening between the two buildings. The Santa Anas always have a bit of an eerie feel to them to me. I couldn't hear well out of my stupid left ear. I'm sure it was just stress from the accident as it's better now. After several attempts at outbound communication, I ended up grabbing a glass of white wine and some prawns and finding a lone table to eat as I really wasn't in the mood to network nor be social. One of the workers came over with a tray of champagne flutes asking if I wanted one. I pointed to my wine glass and said no thanks. He came closer, "Would you like some champagne?" "No, I'm good. Thanks." He gets closer still and asks again. I start shaking my head when the winds decided to add to my plight for the evening and knock one of the flutes onto the ground in front of me, splashing my A|X slacks with champagne. Ahh, the gods were not being kind to me.

But anyway, I grabbed 4 AOL running man cookies... one for Pauly nx01deevolution and one for each of my roomies, and one for me. Unfortunately, they all broke in the bag on the way home (isn't this just pathetically sad at this point, honestly?)

I guess the good news is that I got the "Lord of the Rings" DVD in the goodies bag (which I've not seen and have wanted to for some time) and a Lana Lang "Smallville" posable figure (wtf???) I really just want some wine or something, but alas, we have none. Instead of, I think I'm going to smoke a small bowl and pass out. I really just wanna cuddle up with someone and pretend none of this happened. I already called the insurance company and told them the story. Here's to the weekend and big pillows. ::toke::

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