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Disa entry sux0rs

Whatever happened to this guy? Am I the only one who liked him?

Meesa loves Jar Jar.

Oh, how he cracked my shit up. He was seriously my fave character from Star Wars. Well, except for Hayden Christiansen, but I mainly just liked to stare longingly hornily at his bare chest. I think I'd like to see him making cameos in sit coms. Oh, the wacky hi jinx that would no doubt ensue. I could see him on "Will and Grace" and "Friends". I mean he could be like Chandler's new secretary at work, right? The one who Monica thinks is hot, which totally drives Chandler crazy.

Or maybe he goes out for Rosario's job vying for Karen's affection on "W&G"?

And, honestly, couldn't you just see him busting in on this scene with Paul? He could be the new star of all these shows. And he could certainly be an alien in "Enterprise". If they can have a talking whale, I can have Jar Jar.

David's ghetto screencap instructions, because my video capture thingy sucks:  freeze frame. Put digital camera up to screen and shoot (seriously, that's what I did).

Oh, Jar Jar. You were so misunderstood and under appreciated.

But back to the "Golden Girls". Rose is addicted to pain medicine, that crack whore. Good thing is, she only has to go 24 hours without a pill, and she's magically cured. Everybody, take notes.

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