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A Good Ole' America Bashing

::dusts off soapbox::
::puts up American flag::
::cues up "America The Beautiful"::

"If you go overseas, make sure you tell them you're Canadian."

huh? Why? Are people overseas myopic xenophobes? Oh wait, no, that's what we are. Or, more specifically, that's what many of the bashers like to stereotype Americans as. Stereotype? Yes, an interesting word. One they probably don't like to see lobbed back at them. But, better duck, 'coz a-lobbing I go.

They're not many. Pretty much a few loud mouths. A few blogs here and there, more than a few articles floating around (many of them from U.S. citizens no less). It's become in vogue in some circles to criticize Americans (not the U.S. government, but its citizens). Why? Well, because that's what bigots do. They generalize.

Now, I'm not saying I agree with everything our government does. Far from it, in fact. But I am saying, I am intelligent enough to know better than to stereotype an entire people based upon the actions of its leaders. I mean, honestly, bashers from France, Germany.... Really?

Moreover, I wouldn't expect you to renounce your citizenship in order to respect you. But that's what I see occasionally in message boards: "OMG. Is that an American flag behind you?" Listen, asshat. I think our governor is a big thief. I'm not renouncing my California residency because of it.

I happen to like my country. I like my state. In fact, I think my city is the best place in the world to live (for me). If I didn't, I wouldn't live here. Why would I? Life's too short to live elsewhere. And my opinion is subject to change as I visit new places. But why do (some) people take that as a personal afront? I think New York's an amazing city, and I love visiting. But I prefer Los Angeles right now. I don't see why that diminishes New York. Likewise with other countries when I say I like the U.S. best. You prefer Paris? That's great. I promise not to take it personally.

Our government makes mistakes (as does your's, thank you). Hell, Bush has made a lot of them, but I'm not going to denounce my citizenship or hold my head in shame because you can't see beyond your prejudices to be able to discern the difference. But, let's be fair. The U.S. also does a lot of positive things as well (we're all not referring to each other as "comrade", are we?)

I work to change the things I can and vote in ways I think will improve my city, state, and country, and I would hope that you do too. In that we are the same. So you want to attack our President or Congress? Knock yourself out. Go burn a U.S. flag if it makes you feel better (it helps the Chinese economy). But do us all a favor and spare us your anti-American drivel. Put away your roller and try painting with a slightly smaller brush.... before we make you our 51st state (I'M KIDDING).

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