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Paul-R's b-day weekend

This weekend was hella fun, with much partying and little no sleep. I think I'm just returning to normalcy.

Happy Birthday, PaulPartied it up with my roommates, which we've not done in a while. Saturday night was Paul-Roy's reposed b-day party in Hancock Park, which was off the hook from what I remember. I met quite a few really cool ppl there, for a change. Hopefully I'll remember their names (ahh... alcohol). jk. I do recall several many umpteen drinks as well as a I think unintentionally embarrassing Chris H punkdhiver (sorry babe!).

Evidentally some dude from "Boy Meets Boy" was bartending. That seemed to be a big deal, as it probably would have been for me (had I actually watched the series and probably had I been slightly less inebriated drunk-off-my-ass). I do remember seeing Simon from "The Real World" there, who my friend Louis said he'd invited over when he ran into him at the Abbey (anyone else ever notice that everyone from the "Real World" ends up living in L.A. and at the Abbey)?? He's much cuter (and taller) in person.

Anyway, the weekend was a blast. I don't think all 3 of us roomies have partied together in a while. And the best part is, it's already Thursday :)

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