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Today was a long day. It started when the hurricane hit the data center where our servers are hosted. Evidentally the government forced an evacuation of the building they're in. We think an air conditioning problem caused the server that our shopping cart runs on to shutdown. We're hopeful the other machines will remain up. But at this point, with the building sealed off, we don't really know what the extent of the damage is.

Although it was last minute, my boss let me out early to meet reposed and head down to SD to support Charlotte. So 3:30 we jetted down there. We saw a gnarly accident on the way though. We were in the carpool lane, and on the opposite side of the freeway, this lady was in the left lane at a dead stop. She didn't signal or anything and decided to cross the double yellow into the carpool lane on her side. This car came around the corner pretty fast. I couldn't tell if he was already in the carpool lane or had done the same thing as she did but did it before traffic stopped. He was coming pretty fast. I didn't even hear brakes squeal, and he nailed her broadsided as she was pulling into the lane. It turned her car so she plowed head on into the center divider right in front of us. The back of her car lept off the ground. All you heard was the sound of metal smashing against metal. The look on her face was awful. That had to hurt. Thankfully neither of them was in an SUV or they'd all probably be dead. (And I'd like to give a shout out to those CalTrans center dividers that kept both cars on that side of the freeway, otherwise they'd have nailed us.

When we got to SD, Char, Jon & Jamie were all outside. They pushed her set back to 9:00, so we all grubbed and came back before her set. The crowd for the Psychedelic Furs was... let's call it "interesting". I've never seen so many guys with their shirts tucked into their pants.

The set went great. Although there was one point where this guy, who must have been 50, was yelling to her on the stage to take off her clothes. I'm not sure what causes 50 year old men to devolve into neanderthals, but it's not pretty. Between him and the guy behind me who actually took out his cell phone to make a call in the middle of a song, near the stage, I wasn't too impressed with the white trash factor at this venue. Fortunately the throngs of people asking for her autograph after her set made up for it.

We stuck around a bit, heard a couple songs from the Psychedelic Furs. I vaguely recognized a couple songs; they seemed pretty good. Paul and I then headed back about 10:45. We went with the flow of traffic and did 80 - 95 the entire way back. We made it home in 90 minutes. It was fucking awesome. Why can't the freeways always be like that?!?

Anywho... time for bed. I think it's gonna be a long day at work tomorrow. Oh, and for alpha_boi, Jon recorded this show too. I'll let you know when they're online!

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