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My Week so far

Yesterday, my friend Tony had an extra ticket to see Eddie Izzard in concert at the Wiltern. The show is sold out all week, but one of our friends came through and got tickets through the agency he works for. Fucking hysterical. The show started off kind of slow as he was kind of all over the place ad libbing, but after intermission, he was on. There were times neither of us could breathe he was making us laugh so hard. Very last minute plans, but so glad I went.

The place was crawling with celebs for some reason too (who knew he had such a following?) Kevin Neelan was there, as well as the dude from "Suddenly Susan." Oddly enough, there were quite a few more, but I'm really not good at playing celebrity bingo, so I dunno who the hell they were — only that they were familiar.

Anywho, I'm so glad I got to see him perform live.

Tonight, reposed and I went to see Char perform at the Hotel Cafe for the first time in a month. Amazing set, and played a couple new songs, as well as a Rolling Stones cover called "Wild Horses." I've never heard the original, but damn. Her range on that piece was incredible — just really fucking rad. She's opening for someone in SD (the Psychadelic Furs). I think I've heard of them before, but not sure what they sing. Anyway, Paul and I are gonna try and cruise down there if I can get off work early.

But I'm really tired now. Time for bed.


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