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TGIF and the toilet


Today I went to the beach again for lunch. So many cute guys.

The weekend's here... FINALLY. I hope something's going on this weekend.

Today was pretty chill at work. Got a few things done. Wendy's in town next week with Darren. Will be interesting.

In trying to fix my little Windows Media Problem, I found the ljwin32_sema client. I'd never tried it before (I'd been sticking to the Visions client and the web). This thing's pretty slick. Who knew? All those things I was writing in HTML have buttons in semagic!

My toilet is running. Plumber fixed the leak and left it running. It's beginning to bug. I guess if I want something done right, I have to do it myself. So I guess a trip to Homo Depot is in order. Maybe I can get a tool belt and be all Bob Villa.

Is anything going on this weekend? Too bad Robert's not here. He'd know. He always knew.

I'm hungry. Hopefully there will be something more interesting to write about soon. :)

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