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Singing Leads to Road Rage

I'm convinced of this... I have too much personal evidence. There have been too many random moments where some asshat driver is all tweaked for no reason other than my lips are moving. Since the world obviously revolves around this driver, I must obviously be cussing him out. I remember making a U-Turn around one of my fellow drivers as content as I could have been listening and singing to my favorite Avril Levigne song, when I notice the guy leaning out his window looking at me yelling something and all perturbed. Now, I'll be the first to admit: I can be a pretty aggressive driver — especially when faced with stupidity on the road — but I hadn't encountered any, and I highly approved of his U-Turn (high praise, indeed). I wasn't tail gating; I was just making my own little U-Turn. But there he was... all distressed at what he must have perceived as my yelling at him. This wasn't the only occasion of random road rage.

It makes me wonder how many ppl are killed or mangled in such misunderstandings at the hands of angry people with chips on their shoulders just looking for an excuse. So.. what a quandary. I take my life into my own hands when I sing. Although I can imagine some people wishing I were dead after hearing my singing, but to spawn road rage? Silly humans.

I expect head units in cars to come with warnings from the Surgeon General or the D.O.T. Or maybe the brain damaged asshats running around the streets on the verge of busting a blood vessel should come with warnings? Now there's an idea!

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