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Pride and Libidinous

This past weekend friends and I planned to go to SD for pride. Unfortunately nothing seemed to be going according to plan. At the last minute Friday evening, my roommate spoke with one of our friends who had a hotel and offered to let us stay. Impulsively I decided to roll with him that night. It certainly helped that one of the guys staying with us in the room was totally cute, and my roommate had told me he thought I was cute too ::grins::.

Now the original intent was to meet up with friends, chill at the festival, hit some house parties and get some sun. Most of this didn't happen. To begin with, no one arrived together. The guys I was staying with were indecisive about going, so much of the time was spent chilling in the hotel. Of course, I could have taxied it over to the festival at any time, but I was crushing, so I wasn't going anywhere.

I did manage to get over to the festival for a bit to hang out briefly with Tony and John. I ran into ucpsychguyon my way in (and his way out). Stace was having car trouble that didn't get him to SD until after I'd left. My friend Johnny who lives in SD evidentally passed out early. Timing was just bad all around.

We returned to the hotel where the flirting continued.Throughout the weekend, we'd cuddle a little, make contact, but that was about it. Everyone else wanted to go to some $50 party going on that night. I wasn't really into it and was going to go meet up with some other friends until I learned that Mr. Hottie doesn't like to go out so much and hadn't really planned on going either. Hmm... Maybe I could stay in the hotel after all? If no one else remained, this could be our first opportunity to be alone.

It wasn't until 1:00 am or so that everyone had vacated the hotel room, leaving us alone. The sexual tension between us had been building all freakin weekend. But we still controlled ourselves and continued talking about things for a bit. That didn't last long.

It wasn't long before we started kissing, and things just started happening... fast, and furious. Seriously, we ended up having hott monkey sex all night long. Now what differentiates regular sex from hot monkey sex? Chemistry. Chemistry that is often missing, but not tonight. Maybe the tension building all weekend contributed, but whatever it was. Damn. But what was also as amazing was spooning him and cuddling all night long.

At first I wasn't sure if I was going to write about this. It's personal. But then so is a lot of what I write about. And, seriously, I've been beaming since (and no one on my friends list knows of whom I'm speaking). And if I can't share my significant experiences for fear of what someone may think, then what good is this? And as one of the most famous Sigeps, Theodor Seuss Geisel once wrote: "Be who you are and say what you want, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind."

Since the weekend, we've been texting back and forth. Unfortunately, he lives in NorCal, so I won't get to see him too often. I'm also not a believer in long distance relationships, but I'm sure we'll meet again. Regardless, we spent one really off the hook weekend together and left me with memories I won't soon forget.

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