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TiVo lives!

We have three modified Series 2 TiVos still churning along. They need to be replaced, but I just haven't decided with what (Vista Media Centers?? TiVo HD??) I just need them to run a few more months until I can decide the correct route.

Last night I bounced the TiVo #1 because it had an IP, but wouldn't phone the collective. She never came back up. Long story short, I saw a capacitor that had a bulging top (which, admittedly, I'd normally find exciting). I spent most of the day trying to find a replacement capacitor with compatible specs all over the fraking city. Just finished putting the new one in, and happy to report I still surprisingly remember how to solder and that she's now humming along... Well, at least for now. The one it replaced was rated 105C. Best info I can find online suggests the one I found was only rated to 85C. But after racing all the way to the valley to get to some place before it closed—got from Weho to Van Nuys in under 30 minutes!—I was using that fucker.

This welcome face made me squee with joy:

TiVo lives!

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