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He who dies with the most toys wins?

So last week, I broke down and got the cell phone I really wanted to get when I first switched to T-Mobile (but it wasn't available): Sony Ericsson T610. The phone had everything I'd wanted (except being available). Anyway, spending probably what was the last of my tax refund (which still has yet to arrive... thank you, IRS), I bought it.

The purchase was a bit of an adventure. I scoured ebay looking for the phone. I found a semi-local dealer (Monterey Park) who had T616s, the U.S. version of the 610. All 616s right now are Cingular phones, but the phones were unlocked. Now, at 5:30 on a Friday, I hop on the 10 east. How do people do that every day?

An hour, and many rush hour chats with ucpsychguy later, I arrive in Monterey Park to retrieve my prize; make sure the phone works with my SIM, and get right back on the freeway back towards the westside. I don't know what happened on the ride home, but all of a sudden, there I saw the sign for the 405. It never looked so beautiful. I was home! The drive flies with no traffic. Compared to the trip over, it felt like 10 minutes. But of course, I drove all the way out to Mission Viejo the following day to have the firmware reflashed with the generic Sony version to get rid of all references to Cingular.

*Way too much driving* Everyone needs to live in L.A. So now I have my new toy. I'm sure I could surmise that the toys are just a distraction. They probably are.

But this one will display animated gifs as screen savers :-) Quickly scanning my porn for animated gifs, I located a Bel Ami gem that serves as a rather interesting conversation piece. I now alternate between it, the Matrix intro, and my friend Tony dancing on stage at Kurfew. Now why did I think about this now? I think just because I spent the last 20 minutes scraping the Cingular logo off the case.

Did I just avoid the whole toys being a distraction issue? I think I did.

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