Jul. 18th, 2003
TNG and sexual choices  
So TiVo recorded TNG for me. I was watching it, and Data created some chick robot (I'd try to spell her name, but, seriously, I couldn't even begin). Well, actually, he technically created it androgenous, and she... err... it got to pick its sex and the way it looked. That's kinda cool.

So I thought... in probably what is the ultimate example of geekdom on my part. (Actually, that's not true.. I've done much worse...lol) What if we had that opportunity to choose? What if I got to pick what I looked like, got to pick my sex, and, (although not addressed in the show), sexual orientation.

Hmmm... Well I'd probably want to be a little taller... maybe more of a surfer look. But then the orientation issue. I think I'd choose gay. I really do think so. It's kind of surprising to think that way, because I think if you'd asked me that maybe even as early as a year ago, I'd have said str8 just to avoid the extra issues. Now, that's not to wave the gay "oh poor me" victim flag. There are so many challenges in life that everyone really faces, and some more difficult than dealing with sexual orientation. But, I think we have to concede it certainly does add some level of difficulty (to varying degrees for different people as well). Parental acceptance (or not), homophobia (internal and external), societal acceptance, acceptance of yourself, self consciousness (actually so many of these are really saying the same thing). You get the idea.

Harder or not. I think I'd choose sex. eek. I mean gay. (oh.. I think I need to get laid).

OK time to go to a party.......
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Gantriochgantrioch on July 19th, 2003 - 04:40 pm
Her name was Lal :-).

And the choosing the sexual orientation ... hmmm.
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