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It's almost done

Cartelligent found my car: G37 coupe, slate blue exterior, graphite/aluminum interior—loaded. Premium, Sport, Nav, and Technology packages. Spoiler. Illuminated kick plates.

It's sex on 4 wheels.

I'm scurred though.

I finally decided to go coupe because, as one of my friends put it, you'd might as well mix it up... you're getting the same model car, so get a different exterior and body style.

I'm hella worried about the sport suspension with those 19" wheels. It's probably safe to say I'll have to replace them at least once during my lease time. Aside from that though, how rough is the ride going to be tooling down the right lane on Pico Blvd?

I hope I'm making the right decision. I will have to live with it for 39 months.

Price is incredible though... basically paying slightly more than I am now for a more expensive car.

nervous nervous nervous.

Don't worry... this'll probably be my last post about the car until I get it.


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