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Bridges and dreams

I've had a few recurring dreams about bridges lately, usually involving danger of some kind.

In last night's, I was in a van with a bunch of people who seemed familiar. I was sitting in the very back seat with someone unspecified who I knew to my left and jdhorner in all his faux-hawky goodness to my right.

The bridge was very narrow, and I was scared shitless we were going to go over the side. I remember freaking out just looking out the windows. I recall saying, "I can't look", closed my eyes, faced the ground and tucked my head behind the seat a bit. Josh put his hands on my shoulders to comfort me and said something like, "Dude, it's okay. It's gonna be all right."

I remember feeling less scared when he did that. I lifted my head, opened my eyes, and looked out the rear window to the left (the van had windows everywhere) and saw another van tailgating us. Suddenly the other van struck us. The van we were in lost control and careened off the bridge and into the water.

Then (in the dream) I realized I must be dreaming and told myself that I just had to wake up. After I did that, I found myself back in the van on the bridge. At which point, I woke up for real after a few moments.

Not really sure what's up with the recurring bridge theme or jdhorner's random appearance, but, Josh, thanks for the hugs (even if it apparently totally jinxed us).


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