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Happy Birthday, JJ

Tonight we went out for JJ's birthday to Saddle Ranch. Good times were had by all. We met these really cool chicks.... especially this one girl, Tamra (I believe I have her name right). OMG. She was hott, and her boobs were gorgeous. Am I talking about boobs? But seriously. Wow. She was a hottie (for a girl). Fret not, I didn't want to bone her. But I know a hottie when I see one! But enough about the chicks, eh? (she was originally from Canada)

Anywho... it was a lot of fun getting out.

My AOL world seems to have returned to normal. I needed my AIM more than anything to retrieve my buddy list (and I just made a little backup of that). There are too many people I have screennames for but no email or updated phone #'s. I should get on that. I'm still not sure what happened, but all is well now. ::whew::

I had something more serious to write about, but I'm too tired now. Good night.... and happy birthday to JJ.

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