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On being bedridden

(and not the kind I'd normally enjoy.)

Everything gets old after 2 days in bed.

I'm now watching a documentary on the history and evolution of the hardware store, which apparently teachers are free to record to show to their students, provided they stop showing it after February 11, 2010. I'm not entirely sure why on that date, but I'm sure it has something to do with anything beyond that just being cruel and unusual.

I used to think they were actually kind of funny, but if I see one more Enzyte commercial, I will totally go batshit and massacre an entire city block—preferably using the cold, dead carcass of the video professor. OMFG STOP.

Did you know that a mathematician invented the screw?

I swore off down comforters long ago, partially because of the stupid little feathers that get everywhere. Well, my down alternative comforter seems to have the same problem because I'm finding little, white feathers. wtf?!

The Shield is a horrible, horrible, horrible, HORRIBLE show that is NSFL.

No, really. I don't think you have any idea how horrible.

Duct tape was originally called "duck tape" (and here all this time I thought my dad just wasn't saying it right).

I hope there is no real medicine in cough drops or I'm going to end up in the E.R. from an overdose. I think I've gone through an an entire large bag in two days. I'm not sure if they really help, but they seem to make my throat feel better briefly.

The only thing worse than The Shield is the acting on The Shield.

Judge Judy would totally kick Chuck Norris' ass.

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