Apr. 25th, 2008
They just grow up so fast *sniffle*  
My little man's an Officer now. Seems like yesterday he was just a Sergeant Major.

*sniff* I'm all verklempt... talk amongst yourselves.

My d00d let me show you him


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(no subject) - (Anonymous) on April 25th, 2008 - 11:34 pm
The People's Exhibit Adavidology on April 25th, 2008 - 11:49 pm
you might be hitting what I had with my first experience with GRAW (HATED it; couldn't get passed first map at first). Now these types of strategic shooters can be some of my faves.

You can't just go in shooting. You *have* to use your guys. Use the "Hold your fire" and "Infiltrate" modes appropriately (along with your silencers) and set your guys up before you engage. In general, you should almost always be sending your guys a little ahead of you, especially in spots where you get stuck.

It feels bad at first 'cuz you're like, "I should be killing those bastards". But... you can heal your guys when they're bleeding out, but you just go from =D to x_x

And... fortunately, unlike in Halo, your guys aren't total retards!
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danthmanes on April 26th, 2008 - 05:02 am
You know what that means right? He won't ever be a Master Chief...and you won't ever be able to ask what he would do.
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Kyle: Triquetragypsy1526 on April 29th, 2008 - 04:28 pm
cute... but my Bitch Mage would wipe the floor with him ;) sorreh
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The People's Exhibit A: no u didn'tdavidology on April 29th, 2008 - 04:54 pm
Headshot +1
uh huh. while ur mage is casting his cute, little healing spell, my boy will use his G3KA4 to send a hot piece of lead at his cake hole!
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