Apr. 7th, 2008
Tacos of the now  
Tacos of the now

Tacos of the now,

Originally uploaded from my mobile by davidology.
I had a craving.

Sent from my mobile, probably while changing lanes on the freeway.
Please excuse any typos. 
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Brianbender772 on April 7th, 2008 - 09:06 pm
Now, I'm having a craving! I haven't had Jack in the Box tacos in forever.
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dirigibles: MSG'd!!dirigibles on April 7th, 2008 - 09:06 pm
Jack-In-The-Box tacos are a guilty pleasure of mine. They're so disgusting, but oh, so good.
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(no subject) - (Anonymous) on April 7th, 2008 - 09:24 pm
The People's Exhibit Adavidology on April 8th, 2008 - 12:55 am
they are simply the epitome of man's achievements.
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NCSUJncsuj on April 7th, 2008 - 10:40 pm
5 tacos? My kinda guy ;-)
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baltpup25: murder outlinebaltpup25 on April 7th, 2008 - 11:30 pm
OMG, amazingly wow. I kill you for taco. :)
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james__sndchasr on April 7th, 2008 - 11:57 pm
makes me wish I still lived near a JITB! mmmm
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(no subject) - (Anonymous) on April 8th, 2008 - 12:41 am
The People's Exhibit A: droolsdavidology on April 8th, 2008 - 12:54 am
oh, I wouldn't go comparing JITB tacos to anything. Chipotle has real tacos.

JITB tacos are in a class by themselves. They're not real meat and not even real tacos. Tacos don't have an entire slice of American cheese in them, and I'm pretty sure they aren't usually deep fried—cheese, lettuce, soy meat pocket and all.

They're kind of like chicken nuggets: it's probably safe to say if you haven't had them as a kid and in college, you would not find them good now.

...but if you have, they are just pure fucking awesome!

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Markmahka42 on April 8th, 2008 - 05:34 am
:-( i miss jitb.
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Dizzy Athan the Greekfaggypants on April 8th, 2008 - 09:38 pm
i love the desk in your car.


i sometimes like to dip mine in their buttermilk ranch sauce. so tasty.
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...cantos on April 10th, 2008 - 06:57 am
YUM. Pick me up a few next time.
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