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Sorry I haven't posted/commented in a while. Work been busy & stressed and been kind of LJed out at some level, I guess. I come home and the computer makes me think of work, and I don't want to go near it.

Normally I'd tell you I've been reading but just not commenting, but in this case, I haven't even really pulled up LJ (which is where I read most of my RSS feeds too so now out of the loop in so many ways).

I haven't disappeared. ...just e-hiding a little.

So if you posted something really important, and I didn't reply, it's not personal. I'll be back... hopefully this week, if things go back to normal.


  • Webinars / teleconferences

    Protip: Don't leave your phone on vibrate on your desk while you're mic's live. To everyone on the call, it makes it sound like you just farted.

  • Queue

    Been in position #2 for 30 minutes. Only sure fire way to move up in the queue is to try to make it to the bathroom and back.

  • Damn you, HP and Adobe

    My efforts to go paperless at the office are being met with epic fail.

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