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Sunday Funday

So I changed the format of my LJ. Yep.. just another cookie-cutter choice from the templates. One of these days I'll fully customize my own. "One day".

Not to spoil anything, but I'm having some pretty good karma. Late Sunday afternoon I went to return my old Sprint cell phone (since I'm no longer with Sprint). Return, you say? Well, when I bought the thing, the guy sold me one of those extended warranty plans (I never buy those). He said the way this one worked is that if anything happened, I could just return the phone and get a credit. He wasn't lying. The phone had been acting up the last several months, lapsing into random comas where everything appeared normal, but all my calls would go to voice mail without warning. I never had a chance to go get it fixed or replaced. Anywho... without any fuss, they took the phone back and even credited me the remaining time on the contract! I was stoked.

Armed with my store credit, I wandered to the back to the receivers and picked up a new Sony receiver. I was quite pleased with myself. I came home and to hook up everything through the receiver. It was then I realized, I was going to need a few more cables, so a quick jaunt to Fry's later, and I had what I needed. This receiver has 7.1 channels (two more channels than I have speakers for). I'm not sure that it'll even make sense to add two more speakers to my room (or where in the hell I'd put them). We'll just save that for another day.

Anyway, shortly after I began cleaning up my mess ucpsychguy came over, so we jetted off to Chipotle for a little dinner. I was way hyper. After much driving and several conversations later, we were back at my place and got a little baked, just in time for "Sex and the City". After which, we watched Not Another Teen Movie. Everything after that's a little hazy, but I think we watched "Simpsons" and a little "South Park" before passing out sound asleep.

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