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Saturday Night

Tonight was fuuuuuun. Stace, Seth ucpsychguy, and I went to the Blades' ice sk8ing thingy. I've never ice sk8ed in my life, so I was pretty stoked. It started out pretty funny. There I was, holding onto the wall going so slowly while the hockey team and others raced by me. But as the night progressed, I got better and pretty soon was skating around the track pretty easily. Pretty soon I'll be giving Cliff socakid825 a run for his money (ok, well, maybe not).

Adam went to the Stevie Nicks concert and I guess had hinted at having people over to Stace. We couldn't reach anyone on the phone, so we cruised by. It looked pretty quiet, and we didn't want to risk disturbing anyone so we cruised onto Jeremy's place in the Valley. It was pretty chill there. We kicked it for a bit before heading back over the hill for home.

Anywho... there's my night. It was nice doing something different.

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