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Big Gay Cruise

So I'm going off on the Big Gay Cruise end of next week with friends. I've never been on a cruise before, much less a big gay one. I'm told they're wicked fun, but I must admit to being nervous.

Apparently sea sickness is a big deal. I'm told you don't know until you set sail, and you're sick for 3 days if it hits you. wtf! I mean, I've been on passenger and car ferries before and been totally fine. I think the longest was the ferry to Fire Island, which I think was maybe 20-25 minutes. I didn't feel anything from that. And I totally got through the first mission on Call of Duty 4 with no issues.

I'm a bit worried about having my digital leashes cut. I doubt they have GSM in the middle of the ocean (where do you put the towers?!?). The gods only know how Internets works out there (how do they get the tubes out there?!) Is there a Manhunt location for "Middle of the Ocean"?

Then... they say "drinks are included" in the price, but then mention something about a bar tab? wtf!

I've been on hold forever to find out. They're amazingly sketch on information on their website. I assume that means it's all bad, bad, bad news.

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