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It lives!

This is a good sign. Maybe I will get my car back sometime this year after all. In another week, it'll have been 2 months since the accident, and my car is somewhere being "put back together."

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Subject: MobileGuardian Alert
Date: Mon, 7 Jan 2008 15:23:50 +0000
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Your vehicle anti-theft alarm system has been activated (My G35)

I'm digging the Mini, but there's nothing pretty about me driving a stick in the rain. There are a lot of girly shrieks followed by cries of "OMG We're going to die!" and "I'm trying! I'm trying!" when I stall the damn thing, which fortunately isn't often now.

Seriously, what is the draw to manual transmissions? I cry now every time I see a STOP sign, and I've never done as many California Stops as I have in the past week.

The novelty of a manual transmission wears off after like 5 minutes. It's so NOT like Xbox at all (Xbox doesn't lunge). I can't ever change the radio station or even scratch an itch. Hands, both feet—it's like a full body workout.

Sadly, apparently my car's in the shop for yet another week. I asked the nice lady at the car rental place to please find me an automatic Mini. She was supposed to call me back but never did. We hate her now.

I guess at least the rain stopped.

And now a word from our Meme (Chris who?):
93% Chris Dodd
87% Barack Obama
86% Joe Biden
85% John Edwards
84% Hillary Clinton
78% Dennis Kucinich
78% Mike Gravel
74% Bill Richardson
41% Rudy Giuliani
30% John McCain
24% Tom Tancredo
22% Mitt Romney
22% Mike Huckabee
19% Ron Paul
13% Fred Thompson

2008 Presidential Candidate Matching Quiz
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