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Pondering life

I just got back from the gym. Gym's an interesting place where you get to ponder what's going on in your life in between counting reps. I thought about things over the past few years... how my life has changed so much from my "straight" days (note the quotes). Relationships with friends certainly contrast. Although I'll be first to admit right now that may have more to do with West Hollywood rather than all gay life, but for the purposes of discussion and to keep this topic interesting, we'll resort back to the simplicity of generalizing.

I can certainly notice a difference in close friendships. My striaght friendships certainly seemed to have more longevity. Actually I guess perhaps the difference is that I certainly had fewer friends, but they seemed closer in many respects. Now, I have grips of friends, but they just seem a little more distant. I don't notice a lot of difference among my friends and their relationships either. That's not to say there haven't been some closer friendships, but they certainly do seem to be a bit more tertiary and fleeting than others. Perhaps that's bound to happen when the dating and friendship pool are one in the same. Perhaps it's the shallowness of West Hollywood. Perhaps the PDC really is secretly an alien bunker.

I miss dorm life! Did I write that? OK, there was something to be said for being up at nearly any hour of the night and finding a few ppl to kick it with. And your close friends were never more than a few feet, a few floors, or a couple blocks away. I do miss that. It's a shame that in coming out, I left San Diego (and all my straighter friends) behind. I think they would have made for a nice grounding force among the crazy drama of gay L.A. life.

As I think about my circle of friends, there are a truly a few guys whom I have known and hung out with for a very long time. Now all we need is an apartment complex to put us all in.

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